Diamante: Hot air balloons and advertising inflatables

Diamante produces and sells hot air balloons and advertising inflatables.

Using one of the inflatable structures developed by Diamante allow you to put “Your name over the competitors” because the hot air balloons and the advertising inflatable balloons always catch the attention, expecially if they are developed by a leading-edge company like Diamante.

We can realize inflatable spheres, inflatable stands, inflatable arches, special customized inflatables, flags with colors and the trade marks of your company or event.

Diamante proposes, with discounted prices, also a selection of second-hand inflatables bargains or new inflatable bargains and Christmas inflatables, always customizable with your trade mark or your slogan.

Furthermore thanks to a long flying experience, Diamante can sell or rent advertising hot air balloons, organize tourist flights with hot air balloon, offer teachers for ballooning school to take out the Italian pilot's license for hot air balloons.